About Meerendal Art Gallery

Meerendal Art Project

The Meerendal Wine Estate, one of the original Cape Heritage wine farms, has a unique history that has inspired people to overcome great adversity by nurturing skills in one of the oldest crafts that is wine making. From the year 1702 when the widowed owner of the estate, Christina Stans decided to plant the first vines and became the first woman winemaker in the country, until resent years when Meerendal, under the leadership of winemaker Liza Goodwin, established the Meerendal Wine Academy as a platform to share the knowledge gained over 300 years in order to create opportunities for local people in the wine industry.

When Meerendal decided to expand this vision into the Arts, the partnership between The Meerendal Wine Estate and Art Invest South Africa (ARTISA) was formed.

ARTISA cc is a corporation that brings together some of the most experienced people in business, marketing, law and investment finance, with the common goal to create a platform to develop skills in the arts, nurture entrepreneurial thinking and grow a network of exhibiting opportunities that provides direct access to the local and international markets.



Business woman, Lawyer, Branding Consultant, Artist and Curator.

Originally from Russia, she started her business career with a seven year stint in the financial industry. Natasha then completed her Masters degree in Law and opened her own law firm in Saint-Petersburg only a few years later. A company she continued to grow successfully for the next 10 years.

In 2013 Natasha relocated to Cape Town, South Africa and started a new chapter in her life. She furthered her studies in Personal Branding and Development. She also took up a studio space in the suburbs of Cape Town where she continued her studies in the arts.

Natasha is a co-founder and Art Director of Art Invest South Africa (ARTISA).


Adriaan van der Walt

Master Artisan, Designer and Entrepreneur.

Adriaan spent 20 years in the Engineering and Design Industry. During this period he worked on projects like the AIRBUS A400M Military aircraft and the JOULE Electric Vehicle. He then founded a design company that brought some of the most competitive design software products to the South African Market.

His company played a strategic role in the establishment of the National Tooling Initiative Program. This was an industry initiative to raise the standard of the national trade qualification for artisans and craftsmen in the manufacturing industry.

Adriaan is also a self-taught bronze sculptor and his love for art is what inspired his move into the art industry.

Adriaan is a co-founder and Director of Art Invest South Africa (ARTISA).