Art at Meerendal Gallery Opening

The Meerendal Wine Estate, one of the original Cape Heritage wine farms in the Western Cape, has a unique history that has inspired people to overcome great adversity by nurturing skills in one of the oldest crafts that is wine making. From the year 1702 when the widowed owner of the estate, Christina Stans decided to plant the first vines and became the first woman winemaker in the country, until resent years when Meerendal, under the leadership of winemaker Liza Goodwin, established the Meerendal Wine Academy as a platform to share the knowledge gained over 300 years in order to create opportunities for local people in the wine industry.

When Meerendal decided to expand this vision into the Arts, the partnership between The Meerendal Wine Estate and Art Invest South Africa (ARTISA) was formed.

ARTISA cc is a corporation that brings together some of the most experienced people in business, marketing, law and investment finance, with the common goal to create a platform to develop skills in the arts, nurture entrepreneurial thinking and grow a network of exhibiting opportunities that provides direct access to the local and international markets.

The first stage of the project was the renovation of the Cellar Tasting room on the estate and in the design of the decor, it was important to create a space where artworks could be exhibited while at the same time retaining the essence of the wine tasting experience in the Meerendal Cellar. This is not a new concept to the wine industry in the Western Cape, but it was important to stay true to the culture of the Meerendal estate as a family farm.

Staying true to the theme, the rustic yet elegant furniture designs by custom furniture craftsman, Marc Pincente was a perfect match. Marc created the range specifically for the project and named it The Meerendal Range.

The space also includes the Durbanville Distillery where a range of unique Craft Vodka, Gin and Rum can be sampled within the distillery plant itself. To incorporate the distillery into the theme, a young artist, Ksenia Nel, was commissioned to create a mural that explains the entire production process.

The Meerendal Art Gallery represents artists from a wide variety of styles and genres including some of the biggest names in the industry. Among them Marc Alexander, Derric van Rensburg, Ann and Anthony Gadd, Marittie de Villiers and Tay Dall to name but a few.