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Damian was born in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa and grew up with a penchant for animals and nature, playing and exploring on the fields and farms around the home. Painting and drawing began from an early age; he was indefatigably drawing on everything.
Damian’s artworks often portray hidden metaphors. He devoted much time to still life painting, using controlled lighting in order to paint things from life and sharpen his painting skill. His landscapes are mostly done ‘en plein aire’, setting up his home-made fold-able easel in the vineyards or fields, or painting with a board propped up against the steering wheel of his car.
The natural beauty of his local area always inspires him. Nudes and figures are mostly done from life.
Damian also fills many notebooks with quick pen sketches, trying to capture people, animals or places as quickly as possible. Pen drawing is an invaluable skill that improves the imagination, the eye, looseness and spontaneity, and one’s brush strokes in painting. Basic tools like a pen or piece of chalk or charcoal are fascinating because here the artist has no safety net, and their personality is as readable in a few, simple lines as one’s handwriting.
Taking many of the influences from the past and present masters, Damian tries to paint ‘that which ignites the heart and the eyes,’ being true to his own wants as an artist. He paints because he wants to be authentic, seeking originality and trying to find the balance between mystery and accessibility.

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